January/February letter from John Ralston Saul, International President, to the PEN membership.

10 March, 2014

Dear PEN members, Dear friends,

As many of you know, Haroon Siddiqui (former International Board member) and I were in India for three weeks in January, for the launch of the new Delhi PEN Centre and to visit the older All-India PEN Centre in Mumbai. I will come back to the situation in India, but first let me add that Hori Takeaki has just been in Addis Ababa to spend time with Ethiopian PEN; and then in Athens to work on the creation of a new Greek PEN Centre. Three officers from our International office – Sarah Clarke, James Tennant and Paul Finegan, have just been at UNESCO headquarters to set up our new collaborative program working with PEN Centres in Kenya, Serbia, Haiti and Nigeria to strengthen the minority language creative publishing industries in these countries (http://www.pen-international.org/newsitems/unesco-and-pen-international-to-partner-on-major-new-minority-language-publishing-project/). Continue reading

November/Decemberletter from John Ralston Saul, International President, to the PEN membership

13 January, 2014

Dear PEN members, Dear friends,

First, best wishes to all of you for the New Year. Some of you have already celebrated your official date; others are about to do so.

Last year saw a remarkable growth in PEN’s work. Our renewed and enlarged education work, with the support of SIDA, has us building free expression and the importance of literature at that all important level of young people. Our Writers in Prison group continues to develop original methods with its new director, Ann Harrison and many engaged Centres. In March, Romana Cacchioli, will join us as Director of International Programs (which includes centres development and committees). Romana is fluent in French, Italian and Continue reading

Declarație în sprijinul opțiunii pro-europene a poporului ucrainean / Declaration in support of the pro-European option of the Ukrainian people

 English: Declaration in support of the pro-European option of the Ukrainian people

Centrele P.E.N. din Republica Moldova și din România – filiale ale Asociației Mondiale a Scriitorilor PEN  International cu sediul la Londra – își exprimă solidaritatea cu poporul ucrainean care manifestă în aceste zile la Kiev și în alte orașe ale țării în favoarea opțiunii de integrare europeană. Printre cei care participă la „Euromaidan” se află și mulți scriitori, jurnaliști, oameni de creație cu care împărtășim aceleași valori ale libertății și democrației. Locul Ucrainei este incontestabil în familia europeană, acolo unde se află deja prin cultura și tradițiile sale seculare.

Pe 29 noiembrie 2013, la summit-ul Parteneriatului Estic de la Vilnius, Republica Moldova și Georgia au parafat acorduri de asociere și liber chimb/schimb cu Uniunea Europeană. Continue reading