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Fax: 0040-264-432303

Home Address : str. Mănăştur, 109, Bloc G8, ap. 40, 400663 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Born: January 12, 1961, in Baia-Mare, Romania

Citizenship: Romanian

Marital status: Spouse: Ruxandra CESEREANU, Associate Professor PhD at the Faculty of Journalism of the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj, and editor at Steauacultural magazine in Cluj


Education and qualifications:

1976-1980 High school studies at “Andrei Lazăr” & “Octavian Goga” High Schools in Sibiu

1980 Baccalaureate (SAT equivalent): 10 out of 10

1981-1985 Academic studies at the Faculty of Letters of “Babeş-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca (first place on the admission list). Specialties: Romanian language and literature (first option); Spanish language and literature (second option)

1985 MA (graduated with Honors: 10 out of 10). Dissertation on “The Imaginary Horizon of Nichita Stănescu”

1988 Tenure examination as a high school teacher (qualification mark: 10 out of 10)


1990-1995 Registration and preparation of a PhD dissertation at Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj. Supervisor: professor Vasile Fanache

1992 One-year scholarship offered by the Central European University (CEU) in Prague

Summer Course in Spain, at the University of Santiago de Compostela

Three-month scholarship in Spain, at the University \”Alcalá de Henares\” in Madrid

1995 Summer Course in Greece, at the University of Athens

1997 PhD Degree in Letters of the Babes-Bolyai University with the dissertation \”The Genesis of the Imaginary World of Lucian Blaga\”

1998 Three-month scholarship in Spain, at the Autonomous University in Barcelona. Supervisor: professor Alberto Blecua

2000 Eight-month scholarship in France, offered by AUPELF-UREF (Association Universitaire de la Francophonie), at the University of Sorbonne – Paris IV. Supervisor : professor Jacques Chevrier

2000 Registration for a second PhD at the Faculty of Philosophy of Jean Moulin University – Lyon 3. Supervisor : professor Jean-Jacques Wunenburger

2002 Summer Course Program \”Global Mapping: Symbolic Geographies\”, at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest

2004 Three-month Visiting Senior Scholarship at Central European University, Budapest

One-month Visiting Fellow at New College, Oxford

Six-month MIRA doctoral grantee at Jean Moulin University, Lyon 3, France

2007 Three-month MIRA doctoral grantee at Stendhal University, Grenoble 3, France

2008 PhD Degree in Philosophy of the Stendhal University with the dissertation \”From Utopia to Dystopia in the 16yh-19th Centuries\”


Work experience:

1985-1988 Professor of Romanian language and literature at \”Andrei Mureşanu” High School in Bistriţa

1988-1990 Literary consultant at the \”Radu Stanca\” Theatre in Sibiu

1990-1991 Researcher at the Institute of Linguistics and Literary History in Cluj. Teamwork contribution to the production of a Chronological Dictionary of the Romanian Novel.

1991-1994 Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Letters in Cluj

1994-1999 Senior Lecturer in the same department

From 1999 Associate Professor in the same department

1981-1984 Member of the editing staff of the ECHINOX Cultural Review in Cluj

1993-2000 Director of the ECHINOX Cultural Review. Coordinator of various issues: \”Echinox Dictionary\”; \”The Biography of the Concept of One\”; \”The Literary Generation of the 90s?!\”; \”Jung and the Archetypology\”; \”The Dream\”, \”The Monster\”, \”The Woman\”, \”The Macabre\” etc.

From 1996 Participant in the production of the \”Analytical Dictionary of Romanian Literary Works\” (coordinated by Ion Pop)

From 1998 Participant in the production of the \”Dictionary of Romanian Writers\” (coordinated by Mircea Zaciu, Marian Papahagi & Aurel Sasu)

From 2001 Founder and Director of the ECHINOX Journal (\”Caietele Echinox\”)

Coordinator of the collection MUNDUS IMAGINALIS at Dacia Publishing House in Cluj

From 2002 Founder and director of the CENTER FOR IMAGINATION STUDIES at the Faculty of Letters in Cluj

From 2003 Head of the Department of Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Letters in Cluj

From 2007 Professor in comparative literature

From 2008 Dean of the Faculty of Letters


Courses Taught:

– Symbolic Geographies and Histories

– The Myth of Faust from Renaissance to the 20th Century

– European Eschatology from Homer to Dante

– The Failed Quest

– Initiation Travels

– Symbols of Baroque Literature

– Romanian Literature for Foreign Students, etc.



Knowledge of foreign languages:

Excellent: French, English, Spanish

Basic: Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Latin, Ancient and Modern Greek



Awards, Honors:

1993 Award for debut in literary criticism, at the National Book Fair, Cluj

1996 Award for narrative writing, by the Romanian Writers Association – Cluj Branch

2001 Award for literary criticism at the Lucian Blaga International Symposium, Cluj

2004 Babeş-Bolyai Award for Scientific Research

2005 Henri Jacquier Award, by the Romanian Writers Association – Cluj Branch and the French Cultural Center in Cluj

Award of the Romanian Association of Comparative Literature

2007 Award Book of the Year for Essay by the Romanian Writers Association – Cluj Branch


National Prize for Literary History and Criticism ”Petru Creţia”, Memorialul Ipoteşti


Professional Affiliations:

From 1993 Member of the Writers’ Union of Romania and of the Writers’ Association of Cluj.

From 1996 Founder and executive director of the \”Echinox\” Cultural Foundation

1997-1999 Member of the Youth Program Board (in Cluj) and of the Publishing Program Board (in Bucharest) of the SOROS Foundation for an Open Society

From 1998 Member of the Romanian Association of Comparative Literature

From 2001 Expert Assessor of the National Council for Scientific Research (CNCSIS) of the National Minister for Education and Research

Member of the Romanian PEN Club

From 2002 Member of the Institute for Studies in Religion and Ideologies, Cluj

From 2004 Association Roumaine d’Histoire des Religions

From 2005 Association des amis de Gaston Bachelard, France

From 2006 Romanian Association for the Dialogue between Science and Theology


Member in Advisory Boards:


Lecturi filologice

Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai

Analele Universităţii de Vest

din Timişoara, Seria Filosofie şi Ştiinţe ale Comunicării, Romania



– 10 volumes

– 40 papers and studies in collective volumes

– 7 volumes of translations

, Seria Philologia, Cluj, Romania, revista Institutului de Cercetari filologice şi interculturale din cadrul Universităţii Libere Internaţionale din Moldova. Filosofia e comunicazione(, Universita dell’Insubria, Italia

– More than 170 studies, essays, papers and literary chronicles published in the reviews Apostrof, Art-Panorama, Cahiers roumains d’études littéraires, Caietele Echinox, Clouds Magazine, Contrafort, Contrapunct, Conversatia, Cuvantul, Discobolul, Echinox, Euphorion, Familia, Journal for the Studies of Religions and Ideologies, Jurnalul literar, Metabasis, Minerva, Observator cultural, Poesis, Philologia Jassensis, Poesis, Psihanaliza, Revista de istorie si teorie literara, Romania literara, Rostirea româneasca, Steaua, Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Synergies, Transilvania, Transylvanian Review, Tribuna. Viaţa Românească.


List of Publications


1. Night-Walkers, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj, 1992 (novel)

2. The Imaginary Horizon of Nichita Stănescu, Imago Publishing House, Sibiu, 1993 (literary criticism)

3. Hydra, Imago Publishing House, Sibiu, 1996 (novel)

4. The Genesis of the Imaginary World of Lucian Blaga. Institutul European Publishing House, Iaşi, 1998 (literary criticism)

5. Oniria. Dream Diary (1985-1995), Paralela 45 Publishing House, Piteşti, 1999

6. 10 Studies in Archetypology, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj, 1999, 2007

7. Le Paradis interdit au Moyen Âge. 1. La quête manquée de l’Eden oriental, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2004

8. La quête manquée de l’Avalon occidentale. Le Paradis interdit au Moyen Age – 2, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2006

9. From archetype to anarchetype, Iasi, Polirom, 2006

10. Corin Braga (coord.), Concepts and methods in the study of the imagination. The Phantasma Debates, Iaşi, Polirom, 2007


Translated volumes:

1. Wilfred R. Bion, Second Thoughts. Selected Essays on Psycho-Analysis, Translated from the English by Carmen Bujdei and Florin V. Vlădescu, in collaboration with Corin Braga, Sigmund Freud Publishing House, New York, 1993

2. Andrew Samuels, Bani Shorter and Fred Plaut, A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis, Translated from the English by Corin Braga, Sigmund Freud Publishing House, New York, 1995; 2nd edition, Humanitas, Bucarest, 2005

3. Gilbert Durand, An Introduction to Mythodology. Myths and Societies, Translated from the French by Corin Braga, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj, 2005

4. Philippe Walter, Limba păsărilor [The Language of the Birds], În româneşte de Andreea Hopârtean şi Corin Braga, Cluj, Dacia, Colecţia ”Mundus imaginalis”, 2007



Contributions to collective volumes:

1. A Programme of Romanian Language and Literature for the IX—XIII Classes, The Didactic and Pedagogic Publishing House, Bucureşti, 1987 (as consultant and co–author)

2. Romanian Language and Literature for High School, Ramuri Publishing House, Craiova, 1988 (the chapter about Nichita Stănescu)

3. Twelve Narrative Writers, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj, 1988 (the short-story \”The Elevator\”)

4. Group Portrait with Ioana Em. Petrescu, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj, 1991 (the paper \”Sight and Vision\”)

5. Blaga’s Aeon. The First Century, Collection of the papers dedicated to Lucian Blaga’ Aniversary (1895-1995), by Mircea Borcilă, Albatros Publishing House, Bucureşti, 1997 (the paper “Pan – between Dionysos and Apolo”)

6. Leonid Dimov, Dumitru Ţepeneag,

The Oneiric Movement, An anthology by Corin Braga, Cartea Românească Publishing House, Bucureşti, 1997  

7. Ion Pop (ed.), An Analytical Dictionary of Romanian Literary Works, A-D, Editura Didactică şi Pedagogică Publishing House, Bucureşti, 1998

8. Urmuz, Bizarre Pages, Afterword by Corin Braga, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj, 1999

9. Ion Pop (ed.), An Analytical Dictionary of Romanian Literary Works, E-L, Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă Publishing House, Cluj, 1999

10. Ştefan Borbély (ed.),

Foreign Experiences, Institutul European Publishing House, Iaşi, 2001, (“Me and Spain”)  

11. Ion Pop (ed.), An Analytical Dictionary of Romanian Literary Works, M-R, Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă Publishing House, Cluj, 1999

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13. Smaranda Bratu Elian (ed.), Giordano Bruno e il Rinascimento quale prospettiva verso una cultura europea senza frontiere, Romanian Cultural Foundation Publishing House, Bucureşti, 2002 (”La mystique unitive des Fureurs héroïques\”)

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18. Traian Vedinaş, The

Echinox Group. A Synthetic and Anthological Dictionary, Grinta Publishing House, Cluj, 2006

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28. Basarab Nicolescu (ed.), Moartea astăzi, Bucureşti, Curtea Veche, 2008, (studiul ”Escatologiile suprapuse ale mitologiei irlandeze”), pp. 174-187



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